The World Should Revolve Around Me

I fail at relationships; I hope I'm not alone. But it's so fun being by myself! I was reading my friend's blog and he was complaining that his high school friends that he practically grew up with didn't invite him to their birthday parties. If I were in that position (and if I could fabricate emotions), I would say that would make me sad, but to be honest, it's not that big a deal to be left out and rejected. I've been rejected many times, and after say the third time, you don't feel anything. Just take it out on a deliciously dangerous concoction of dark rum and ginger ale.

There there, *pats shoulders and takes a swig out of a suspicious brown paper bag*


I renounce my title as class nerd, concert headmaster and all-round hippy.

To those budding teenagers hesitant about the many pathways and opportunities that Grade 12 will bring: don't be. It's all an amazing journey with your friends and when I look back, the hard work (or lack thereof) was worth it.

She decided to sock me and Sammy. A week later Sammy died. It was a pivotal moment in my life. I decided not to invest too much emotion in one thing. It was a set up to the pain of losing them.
-Domino (2005)-