Contemplating my mere existance.

After I graduate, I hope to travel to some faraway land to experience something new. I want to learn a new language – discover a different culture. Wherever I may be, I will still do what I love – studying history and philosophy, writing and making music, and riding my bicycle. I embrace the idea of living with both a sense of curiosity and spontaneity in the future years of my life.

Right now, I’m sitting here, with my chocolate cake and my glass of milk, and I feel more love towards this insentient object, than I do for anyone I’ve ever met. Call me skeptical, but they’ve all let me down, one-way or another. I think for now, I’ll stick to one-nighters. A blow and go. A call to boot. A kiss and ditch. A conceive and leave. (w.e)

Honny, here's a fonny fact: Love doesn't exist. It's called infatuation.

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True Amity a dit…

lol paul when did you get blogspot? i love blogspot!! it's like my new xanga HAHAH..