A legacy of the 70's

Interlocking shag bands: You break them, you do them.

I know I fall short when it comes to ranting about attention seeking terrestrials, but I must, I must or I will implode. Before I forget, I just saw someone’s description of themselves as “I’m awesome, that is all”. Can anyone be that conceited? I looked through his photos and I had to close the window before my screen cracked. No wonder women find men vulgar, even I, a MAN (feel my stubble) of such accomplishment and capability find men egotistical, selfish and crass.

Ok, back to ugly attention seeking mushrooms -- They take so many pictures of themselves, and broadcast it for the world to see. Like, “Look at me, that’s where I had dinner, I had a glass of water here, and I went to school, and OH! EXCITING! I boiled some water! And here’s me at an extremely exclusive and classy event where people dress to “impress” (I-think-I'm-gonna-chuck) and get drunk.”

Wake up call! Let me tell you, they have no class, they have no style, they’re not remotely attractive, they take their shoes off at house parties, they get drunk and take a million photos JUST so the whole world can see that they’re not like the rest of them, frigid and studious. Did I mention they were ugly?

If you get drunk, no one cares. If you want to prove a point, we still don't care.

And yes, I’m an angry, bitter, problem child and I can’t stand to see others having a good time. But I am a trend-setter, if I may say so myself. Blush.

Oh hush. Not all of us can afford to be romantic. I’ve been offered a comfortable home, and protection: a lot to be thankful for. I’m 27 years old, I’ve no money and no prospects, I’m already a burden to my parents, and I’m frightened. So don’t you judge me, Lizzie, don’t you dare judge me.
-Pride and Prejudice (2005)-

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