It’s a pivotal moment for this blogging sensation that’s gripping the nation.

If I go out in the evening, I'm not going to wear a diamanté-studded jacket. What I'd wear is a dinner jacket with a black T-shirt. And doesn't that make perfect sense? Who would you rather look like: James Dean or Liberace?

I am my own self-proclaimed muse.

Dear my devout Lemmings. I bring you joy, peace, and happiness. My creativity is currently going through a phase only experienced by middle aged couples, where they don’t engage in coitus and generally try to steer well clear of one another. I know, this is absolutely mind boggling because one, creativity doesn't fuck anything (the only thing it fucks with is my brain), and two, I’m only 17. Oh very well done, l'enfant. This analogy (speaking of analogy, search up “Substitute teacher – Mad TV” on Youtube, you won’t regret it) pertains to the left side of my brain, or whichever cerebral hemisphere that induces creativity, because I’m all out of innovation and artistry. I don’t want to admit it, but I think the little genius in me has gone for a holiday (no idea when he’s coming back, sorry). I desperately need a vacation of some sort, or to get away from my daily routine.

Apparently I was a difficult child. I had very precise ideas about what I wanted to wear. And what did I do with the clothes my parents bought me? I didn't wear them. I'm still an oddball and I cultivate being different. I'm not a drug fiend though. I remember popping an ecstasy once and waiting expectantly for something to happen... but nothing ever did. It was such a let-down that I never tried again.

Sorry about all these random thoughts jumbled together...

Anyway, Live long and prosper. Until our next encounter.

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