It was never my intention to blog about my personal life on here… After posting approximately 100 posts on my personal blog and having only 10 responses, I got the point. But the main reason I had to temporarily discontinue my private blog was because although it contained details of my inner and mellifluously put thoughts, it did contain some carnal linguistics which weren’t appropriate for my stalker parents-of-friends’ eyes. It’s fitting as now I can commence my classy and sophisticated lifestyle.

That said, it will be hard to deal with these people who delight in my annihilation by spreading nasty rumours, but I have faith that God will serve justice to those that try.

Turns out, I’m not as draconian as my friends regard me to be. I actually have a soul! I’ll play nice now.

What was I saying… AH, yes, classy and sophisticated lifestyle…

LeGarçon: A gentleman who's alter ego is a bespectacled adolescent who refuses to succumb to society's perception of class (by being an all-round loon)

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Alexandria a dit…

I think the right bottom one looks great! =)