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LOL, I sometimes read my blog when I’m super duper bored, but that rarely happens, because I’m so busy *shifty eyes*. You know, going out, clubbing, gracing at exclusive events… Oh, the lies I tell. Colon-open bracket.

After this week, we’ll be able to party and do whatever the Netherworld we want. Chyeaa. But for those that failed, make sure you don’t fail your supplementary exams. My heart goes out to you. I’m probably not kidding when I say that, ‘cause I might need to take a supp for anatomy. For now, let’s play the blame game and pin it all on the Muslim that set the neuro component of the exam. Damn, I really do like neuroanatomy and I’d consider becoming a neurologist, but you ruined it all! I remember in the exam, I was like, uhhh… the answer is… C. *Next question* The answer is… C. *Sigh* Too late now, all I can do is just study and hope I don’t need to take a supp.

I don’t want to be kept down a year. Cos aww, I love my physio’s. Especially those two kids: the Christian and the Muslim. Opposites do attract, ey. Hurhurhur… I’m going to break someone’s camera by the end of this week, though.

Pray and study hard for the coming exams. 4 more days. *Thumbs up*

Prayer list: Francis and her kids, my great-aunt - who fractured her femoral neck, my mum - who was diagnosed with an osteoma and, thankfully, not a benign brain tumour and Joanne – who’s recovering from bowel cancer surgery.

Lastly, forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Live long and prosper.

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