Wedding vows and insensitive cows

I was flicking through Brisbane News and I just have one suggestion to make. In those recent marriages, they should put their occupation next to their names, or maybe how much they earn, 'cause all the dudes are chubby and the women are prettay. It confuses me. D=

I cut my pale blue skinnies into shorts and they're coo'. I hated those skinnies but nao, I wear them a lot a lot a lot. They go down a bit higher than my knobbly knees so that's aiight ey.

There was something I was going to say.. But, it was lolathetic, so *mumbles*. Oh, apparently Hitler's Nikon D7000 is arriving mid-November. What an ordeal, those Nikon managers ought to be gassed.

Exams are over, and I'm mindlessly traipsing about my house, playing with the neighbour's dogs and waiting for my 18th to arrive so I can finally trash my liver - legally. Doing some last minute cleaning before our flight tonight.

London+Austria. Here we come.

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