Axiomatically, Courtney Love is going to die from a drug overdose. Just like that guy smoking weed while walking to college is going to be run over by a bus. Ishiguro was right, these clones (clone: noun \ˈklōn\ knockoff: an unauthorized copy or imitation) are 'modelled from trash'.

If you've ever worn crocs, sport sandals or strapped phone holders onto your belt, please line up so I can shoot you between the eyes.

I am so grossed out. Just killed a fly and a bunch of tiny maggots flopped out of mother maggot... Sounds a bit like Stefani Germanotta's life story. Eliminate her, and out flop a bunch of tiny faggots. You're also left with this rotting carcass.


What is love without lust?

In: Broad-minded freethinkers.
Out: Muslims. The Narrow-minded.