The Truth About Diamonds

In non-professional, teenage encounters of the sort pictured in movies, retribution is pretty tame.

REMIX Magazine: Nicole Richie

Growing pains were never easy on me. The beginning of the second millennium must have been hysterical for all the syphilitic 12-year-old boys that accused me of kissing my best friend who, back then, was still a boy. I contacted him recently, after years of mutual silence (the result of a torn friendship precipitated by a rumor, that in its already awkward state was amplified by pubescence, adolescence and finally adulthood) and discovered that the giant elephant in our friendship – his transvestitism – fueled teen rumors. He now works at the local stripper joint in my hometown, cashing 10 dollars an hour (plus tips). Not enough for gender reassignment surgery, or anything in particular, really. More importantly, the person behind the rumors, who is also son to the town’s mayor, now lives with a speckled reputation concerning his nauseating fascination with animals, propelled by an eerily prophetic lie, spun by yours truly.

For my part, I can assertively say that I benefited greatly from the situation. I am now 18 years old: outspoken, critical, and ridiculous. I have no clue as to how interpersonal relationships work, betrayal and lies come naturally, I’m an addict to anything besides narcotics, I rebel from the norm just for the sake of non-conforming, watching people eat freaks me out, and I don’t know what I want in life. The list is endless. I don’t want to say I peaked in grade school, but the born achiever in me nods furtively. In retrospect, it was a collection of setbacks, both self-induced and caused by others, that feeds the fire burning up my over privileged life.

On the bright side, I haven’t hit rock bottom… yet. When I do, I will come out the other end, spectacularly into my own, achieving and succeeding.

I leave you all with this:
  1. People are more stupid than you think. 
  2. Even as [censored] up as I am, I am still, in so many ways, better than all of you.
  3. The truth about diamonds? They start off rough and unpolished, unbeknown to the viewer to be diamonds at all…

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